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Waterscapes FilterFalls BF1500 AWG046

Waterscapes FilterFalls BF1500 AWG046

Model: BF1500

Waterfall Width: 20½” spillway

Dimensions: 24”W x 30”D x 20”H

Pump Flow Range: 2,500 – 4,000 gph

Bulkhead: 1½”

Pond Volume: 1500 Gallons

Match to Skimmer: PS4500

Enjoy the beauty of natural falls in your waterscape with FilterFalls. Beyond creating the visual and aural qualities of a waterfall, FilterFalls units provide biological water filtration and aeration. The filtration properties of FilterFalls’ Bio-Tech mats and media help establish a balanced ecosystem for plants and fish to thrive in. FilterFalls units are designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and easily accessed for routine maintenance.

•    Each unit includes FIPT bulkhead fitting, media bag, filter pad, removable bottom grate and liner attachment flange

•    Rugged high-density polyethylene shell warranted for life

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