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UltraClear Muck Digester for Large Ponds and Lakes UCL2910

UltraClear Muck Digester for Large Ponds and Lakes UCL2910

One ounce tabs of 7 beneficial bacteria for eliminating organic sludge or sediment from pond and lake bottoms. Easy to handle tablets can be easily distributed across pond or lake surface. Tablet slowly dissolves and releases beneficial bacteria throughout the water. 

 Small ponds use 1 tab per 1000 gallons every 2-4 weeks. 

Lakes use 16 tablets per one quarter acre every 2-4 weeks. 

UltraClear Muck Digester for large ponds & lakes reduces undesirable muck, eliminates organic build-up, reduces sludge on the pond or lake bottom and improves water quality. Reducing muck and sludge in the pond reduces disease that fish are exposed to.

UltraClear Muck Digester’s convenient, easy to distribute one ounce dissolvable tabs make it simple for treating large ponds and lakes. The tabs are particularly effective for treating the bottom of ponds & lakes with a slow release of nine beneficial strains of bacteria. Each tab contains 100% safe, natural ingredients. No harmful binding agents or chemicals are used! UltraClear Muck Digester tabs are designed to be effective in cold water as well as warm water. They are an effective treatment for pond bottoms where there isn’t sufficient oxygen.

UltraClear Muck Digester tabs offer a convenient, cost effective solution for treating large municipal ponds, farm ponds, industrial lagoons, and commercial & residential ponds and lakes. The Muck Digester tabs are among the strongest on the market which assures effective, repeated muck reduction.

UltraClear Muck Digester for Large Ponds and Lakes:

  • Reduces muck in ponds.
  • Removes organic sediment (muck) on pond bottom. 
  • Reduces sludge build-up from organic decay.
  • Breaks down & eliminates animal waste.
  • Eliminates murky water from organic waste.
  • Reduces odor from decay.
  • Reduces toxic ammonia from pond water.
  • Reduces problem causing nitrate & phosphate.
  • Can be used in cold weather or any time of the year.
  • Safe to use with all UltraClear products.


Distribute the one ounce tabs across surface of large pond or lake. Broadcast as evenly as possible.

Lakes & large ponds: use 64 tabs per surface acre every 2-4 weeks. Assumes average depth of 4 feet. A 4 lb. jar contains 64 tabs and will treat a one surface acre pond or lake. 

Medium size ponds: use 16 tabs per quarter acre every 2-4 weeks. Assumes average depth of 4 feet. A 2 lb. jar will treat a half acre pond for one application or a quarter acre pond for two applications.

Small decorative ponds: use the convenient 6 tab jar for ponds under a thousand gallons.

Sizes Available

6 tab jar 6 tabs
2 lb jar 32 tabs
4 lb jar 64 tabs
8 lb jar 128 tabs
12.5 lb 200 tabs
25 lb 400 tabs
$21.95 $16.29