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UltraClear Barley Pellets UCL3205

UltraClear Barley Pellets UCL3205

Pellets are 100% all natural, slow decaying, compressed barley that provides essential bacteria for healthy clear ponds.

  • Enhanced with humic acid for clarity.
  • 100% Safe for fish, birds and plants.
  • Cleaner and takes less space than bales.
  • Used with all UltraClear pond products.

Dosage: One pound treats 1000 gallons every four weeks. Sprinkle throughout pond or place in media bag. See product label for more details. 

UltraClear Barley Pellets are fortified with humic acid prior to the pelletizing process. Humic acid enhances water quality, water softening and balances out the effects of phosphate in the pond water.

The slow decay of the barley pellets produce essential, beneficial bacteria that helps maintain clarity in the pond. The optimized pellet size offers maximum surface area for controlled decay. It is not a chemical. UltraClear Barley Pellets can be used during spring, summer and fall. 

Apply 8 to 16 ounces per 100 gallons every 4-6 weeks or as needed. 

UltraClear Barley Pellets can be applied directly in the pond or in the skimmer or filter utilizing a media bag.

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