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Toba Tranquility Fountain For Ponds

Toba Tranquility Fountain For Ponds

For Smaller Ponds or Pools!

The ONLY remote-controlled, self-contained fountain on the market for residential ponds.

• Over 150 different combinations using the full range of available fountain heads and lens colors.

• No installation required!

• Automatically cycle through different spray and lighting effects - or select a favorite combination.

• Operates with Long Range RF Remote Control (up to 150-ft)

• Includes THREE spray outlets (Toba, Firehose, Peacock, & Umbrella Spray) and FOUR light colors

• Remote controlled automatic shut-off timer (1-8 hours)

• Adjustable spray heights reach as tall as 10-ft in height; as low as 2.5-ft in height with

up to 16-ft diameter pattern

• Equipped with 16 light and water display patterns built in

• Provides healthy aeration for any pond

• Maximum flow - 1800gph

• Best in pond of at least 6-ft diameter

• 120/240V -- 50/60 Hz -- 4.5/2.6 Amps

• 19-ft power cord

• Fountain unit measures 15” diameter x 20” overall height

• Weather-proofed power supply

• Removable filters for easy cleaning

• Anchor with adjustable cable and an anchor locator

(skimmer attachment for anchor positioning).

• 55-lbs; 12-month limited warranty


Toba Fountain Celebration Pack Fountain Heads

Toba Fountain Tranquility Serene Pack Fountain Heads

(each Features three spray patterns.)

Toba Fountain Tranquility Color Lenses

8 Pack Includes: Exotic Lens Pack (shows: radiant rose, flaming coral, atomic green, and vivid violet) and Leisure Lens Pack (cranberry cocktail, sunset, ocean, and purple passion)

$22.00 $11.99