Tierra Innovation's ROCKIN' FOAM

$26.00 $18.99

An excellent foam product specifically designed for Water Gardening applications. Tierra Innovation's ROCKIN' FOAM ® Is designed by professionals in the industry.

Minimal Expanding Foam Sealant 

  • Better density for secure rock placement and design.
  • Better control during application.
  • Less waste – less foam to trim away.

Patented dispersing trigger

  • Dispenses in any position.
  • Reusable system (system allows multiple uses from same can)

Black Color

  • Made with carbon for the black color; not dye.
  • Reduces ultraviolet deterioration of foam.
  • Blends quickly with rocks and disappears behind flowing water.
  • Safe for Aquatic Plants and Animals

20 oz can

  • Right size for the job.
  • Better value – larger can allows lower unit cost.