• Replacement Parts for Pondmaster Air Pumps, Manifolds, Diaphragm Kits.

    $5.99 $5.79

    Pondmaster Replacement Manifolds, and Diaphragm Kits 

    Includes Diaphragms, Flapper Valves, Plastic Slip Washers, and Bottom Pressure Chamber Gasket.

    14505: Manifold for AP-20

    14515: Manifold for AP-40

    14550: Manifold for AP-60

    14560: Manifold for AP-100

    14525: Diaphragm Kit for AP-20

    14545: Diaphragm Kit for AP-40

    14555: Diaphragm Kit for AP-60

    14565: Diaphragm Kit for AP-100