• ProLine High-Flow Submersible Water Pumps SUP9010

    $290.99 $199.79

    ProLine High-Flow Submersible Water Pumps

    Vortex Impeller for Increased Torque Flow

    The torque flow impeller eliminates clogging and binding.
    Made of F.R.P (fiberglass reinforced polypropylene) for minimal abrasive wear.

    Large Solid Handling Capability

    Non-clog vortex impeller and volute designed for water containing decomposed plant matter and debris.

    Rugged Motor

    Durable, Stainless steel. Corrosion resistant motor.

    Built-in Thermal Protection

    Self-resetting automatic protection against overload or overheat conditions.

    High Quality Mechanical Seals

    Double Silicon Carbide Mechanical seals for additional protection against leakage


    1/6 hp, 1/5 hp & 1/4 hp: 1-1/2" and 2" barbed fittings
    1/3 hp, 1/2 hp & 1 hp: 2" barbed fittings


    • Completely submersible
    • 24 hour continuous duty operation
    • High-capacity fluid transfer
    • Thermal overload protection
      with automatic reset
    • 20 ft. Grounded Power Cord


    • Ponds, Fountains, Agricultural, Fish-Farming, Landscapes, Irrigation and Water Gardening.
    • Water Transfer and Recirculation
    • Streams, Cascades and Waterfalls
    • Aquaculture: Water Circulation
    • Water Drainage