• Pre-Grown Water Lily-Hardy

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    This is a pre-rooted Winter Hardy water lily, specially grown in a coco-fiber plug that is easy to grow to maturity in ponds or deck and patio containers.

    Cold hardy 

    THIS lily, can be shipped with your dry goods! 

    You can let it set on your table for months before planting! 

    PLANT SPECIES: (subject to change)

    • Red - Attraction
    • Yellow - Yellow  Sensation
    • Pink - Venusta
    • White - Walter Pagels

    Growing Directions:

    1. 'Pre-rooted' plant should be positioned to receive at least (4) hours of sun daily.
    2. Plant at prescribed planting depth. Plant should be covered with at least 6" to 12" of water.
    3. Fertilize with Aquatic Tablets/fertilizer according to instructions.
    1. Remove Dead leaves and flowers, which will promote growth and blooming.

    After care:

    1. Cut back foliage in the fall after growing has stopped
    2. this plant is cold hardy and will survive temperatures as low as 30°F.  It may be left on the bottom of your pond or container over the winter.
    3. If you choose to remove your plant, place the plant in a plastic bag and store in a cool, dark place such as a garage or basement. Simply replant after winter.

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