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Oase Aqua-Activ Algaecide 18oz 45374

Oase Aqua-Activ Algaecide 18oz 45374

The fast-acting AquaActiv Algaecide restores the health of your pond by preventing green water and algae growth.

AquaActiv Algaecide Ponds & Fountains is EPA registered, environmentally safe and available only in the United States

It is safe for fish, pets, wildlife, and aquatic plants

A 18 oz. bottle treats ponds up to 5,320 gallons.

AquaActiv Algaecide Ponds & Fountains prevents and stops algae growth—solving one of the most common dilemmas of pond and fountain enthusiasts. 

When green water or algae appears, simply add Algaecide Ponds & Fountains, and watch the fast-acting solution make algae and shades of green disappear. It is safe for aquatic plants and animals as well as wildlife and pets.

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