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Clear Pond Midnight Blue Pond Shade

Clear Pond Midnight Blue Pond Shade

Pond Shade Dye in Midnight Blue

To Create a Beautiful Looking Pond

Filters Excess Sunlight (UV Light) that Penetrates the Pond Water


Will not stain birds, fish, plants, pets, or wildlife, when applied at the recommended rate; provides the pond with a pleasing dark blue appearance. Treated water will not stain exposed surfaces.


Pour around the edges of the pond at different locations or use fountains, aerators or other mechanical systems to aid dispersion. To avoid staining hands, use rubber gloves when opening and pouring dye.


1. Be very careful when opening the cap and under seal to avoid squirting.

2. Keep from freezing.

3. Concentrated product may be harmful if swallowed.

4. Avoid contact of concentrated product with skin, eyes or clothing and wash immediately after     contact.

5. Background water such as tannic or muddy water can affect end color.

8oz. treats up to 80,000 gal.

*Keep out of reach of children

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