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Atlantic Water Gardens Typhoon Air Pump TA1800-TAKIT1800

Atlantic Water Gardens Typhoon Air Pump TA1800-TAKIT1800

Model: TA1800

Description: Diaphragm Air Pump
Volts: 115
Watts: 25
Outlet: ⅜" insert, ½" slip
Max Pressure: 3 psi
Max Depth: 7'
Cord Length: 6'
Warranty: 3 year limited

Maintain maximum O₂ levels in summer, gas diffusion in winter
Easy to clean air filter recudes particulates for motor longevity
Aluminum housing radiates and reduces heat to extend diaphragm life
Most cost efficient way to keep an area free of ice in winter
Typhoon Air Pump Features:
Weatherproof aluminum housing
Noise dampening design
Energy efficient & low maintenance

Model: TAKIT1800

Description: TA1800 Aeration Kit

Pond Volume: 4,000 gal

Includes: TA1800, 25' of ⅜" flexible tubing, in-line check valve and 6" airstone

Warranty: 3 year limited

Beneficial for all seasons in ponds under 4' deep
Replaceable diaphragms extend pump service life
Air stones feature brass insert fittings for durability and longevity
Ideal for aerating holding tanks during pond clean-outs
Kits include air pump with 6' cord, stone, brass fittings, check valve and tubing as shown.


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