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Atlantic Water Gardens TT-Series Pumps TT9000 AWG242

Atlantic Water Gardens TT-Series Pumps TT9000 AWG242

Model: TT9000

Volts: 115

Amps: 5.1

Watts: 587

Inlet: 2" MIPT

Outlet: 2" FIPT / 3" MIPT

Max Pump Flow: 9200

Warranty: 3 year

Dimensions: 11"L x 7¼"W x 8"H

Asynchronous Pumps combine the efficiency of Magnetic Induction with the power of Direct Drive geometry, keeping operating and ownership costs to a minimum

Atlantic TT-Series pump more water for less watts regardless of water chemistry, making them the ideal choice for water gardens

Compact design fits the tightest pump chambers, perfect for vertical and multiple pump applications

Excellent resistance to fouling in hard water environments and simple maintenance keeps pumps running in adverse conditions

Ribs and large openings in pre-filter and handle provide tremendous surface area for greater clog resistance, decreasing upkeep and increasing pump life


The rotors of asynchronous TidalWave Pumps are water cooled, with a screen to keep grit out of the rotor chamber. 
Keeping the screen clean will prevent overheating and prolong the life of the pump.


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