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Atlantic Water Gardens TR215CV Check Valve AWG201

Atlantic Water Gardens TR215CV Check Valve AWG201

Model: TR215CV

Valve Dimensions: 5⅝"L x 3½" W x 10"H

Pipe Dimensions: 11⅞"L x 2⅝"W

Pipe Inlet: 1½" or 2" MIPT

Pipe Outlet: 2" Sch 40 pipe

Inlet: 2" socket

Outlet: 1½" or 2" Sch 40 socket

Includes: 2" check valve with unions, 1½" outlet fitting, 1" thru 1½" tubing adapter, discharge pipe and extension

Triton Check Valve

Check Valves mount the pump in the Skimmer to maintain water in biological filters and keep beneficial bacteria hydrated

Atlantic's Triton TR215CV Check Valve is the first and only specifically designed for water feature use

Included adapters accommodate multiple pump, skimmer, vault and plumbing options

Single unions above and below the check valve speed removal of the valve and pump for servicing, maintenance and winterizing


$74.99 $65.99