• Atlantic Water Gardens SOL Wiring Accessories, SOLWEXT, SOLWSP04

    $15.99 $13.99

    Model: SOLWEXT

    Description: 20’ 2-wire Extension Cord

    For Use With: Warm White AWG and SOL Lighting

    Warranty: 5 year

    Model: SOLWSPL4

    Description: 4-way splitter / 2-wire

    Voltage: 12 Volt

    For Use With: Warm White AWG and SOL Lighting

    Includes: Weather-proof caps

    Warranty: 5 year

    Model: SOLTRANS88

    Description: 88 Watt Transformer

    Input Voltage: 120 Volt AC

    Output Voltage: 12 Volt AC/88 watts

    Includes: Built-in photo cell and timer

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Dimensions: 4"L x 4"W x 7"H

    Transformers provide dependable low voltage AC current to Atlantic LED lighting systems

    Solid state Transformers are fully weatherproof for worry-free external installations

    Splitters and extension cords can be linked together to add additional lights to any warm white lighting system 

    Silicone O-rings protect threaded plugs and caps for water resistant connections under any conditions