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Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis PS3900 Skimmer

Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis PS3900 Skimmer

Model: PS3900

Weir Width: 6"

Internal Water Depth: 14½"

Max Pump Flow: 3,900 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 200

Filtering: Net, Matala mat

Match To Filterfalls: BF1600

Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)

Dimensions: 17¾"W x 19½"D x 19½"H

Atlantic’s Pond Skimmers offer just what you need for all of your pond projects. With ample pre-filtration options, auto fill capacity, complete freedom in plumbing location, multiple pump capability and remarkable strength and rigidity, these versatile components allow for every style and preference!

Skimmers house and protect your pump and plumbing while clearing surface debris from the pond

Atlantic's Pond Skimmers feature more size and filtration options and greater strength and versatility

All Skimmers excluding PS3000 accept two pumps for increased flow, lower operating costs and multiple spillway options

Multiple filtration options including net, mats and brushes let you customize to fit every water garden

Reinforced structures eliminate warping, deformation and callbacks

Faceplate hardware is black anodized stainless steel for maximum concealment and longevity

Multiple plumbing, check valve and ionizer options make these Skimmers the most versatile on the market

$302.99 $266.99