Acurel Infused Media Pads Nitrate Reducer ACU515

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Acurel Infused Media Pads Nitrate Reducer
These pads will:
• Quickly absorb ammonia from water
• Reduce the risk of disease and stress
• Improve water clarity and quality
• Improve and maintain fish health
• Eliminate odors
• Effectively remove all organic particles, foreign debris, residual medications,  excess food and waste
To Use: Acurel Ammonia Reducing Media Pads should be used as a preventive measure. These pads are not a remedy for sustained ammonia concentrations, and should be used ONLY in FRESH WATER AQUARIUMS and PONDS. They can be cut to fit any aquarium or pond filtration unit including hang-on filters, canister filters, top filters, internal filters, wet/dry filters and more.
ACU515: Ammonia Reducer Infused Pads